So how do you find the right Realtor “for you”?

Millions of homes and investment properties are purchased and sold each year in the United States. Buying a home or investment property is a huge decision from both a financial and emotional level. For most of us it will be the largest asset that we purchase during our lifetime.

Once you start working with your Realtor, you are depending on their knowledge, expertise, and negotiating skills to guide you through the process. Working with the right Realtor can be a great experience but choosing the wrong one can ultimately lead to financial mistakes.

The interesting part about the process of finding a Realtor is that there really is no process! If you are fortunate, you may have the resources to find a Realtor through a referral from friends, colleagues, family, etc. This is great assuming you trust the referral source.

Without a referral, you may find your Realtor because they happen to be your cousin, neighbor, or you meet them at a dinner party, but at the end of the day you should be using an experienced Realtor who can meet your goals and expectations.


This all sounds logical, but how does one find a great Realtor?

Your choices are:

  • A referral
  • Using a Realtor who is a relative or that you meet at a dinner party.
  • Through an objective Real Estate Consulting Firm like SIFF.


At SIFF, we are a third party Real Estate consulting firm which provides objective resources to help you maximize your returns (Money) whether you are selling or purchasing a property. Our goal is to provide objective advice and analysis within the Real Estate Industry.

We only refer you to excellent Realtors who we have worked with, or have been highly recommended within the industry. This ultimately gives you the best opportunity to maximize your real estate returns and get the best service!

If you would like a referral to a great, experienced Realtor, please contact a SIFF Advisor at 415-954-0808 or contact us by clicking here.



Scott Fong,

President and Founder

SIFF Investment Services