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A Unique Blend of Real Estate Services

We Help You Maximize Your Capital Whether You Are Purchasing, Selling or Exchanging.

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SIFF is a Real Estate investment advisory and consulting firm. Think of us as a financial planner for Real Estate. We offer a platform of services and objective advice for our clients who own income properties. We believe our greatest value is to act as a fiduciary advisor for both our clients and real estate partners.

We also provide complementary Real Estate services through our partner network. Whether you need investment advice, a great property manager, asset protection or leasing services we have a partner who can help!

We mostly work with existing real estate owners who want to maximize the performance of their investment properties. Our typical client owns properties ranging from single family homes to large apartment buildings valued at 1 million or higher. Most of our clients want to increase their income while deferring capital gains when possible. At SIFF we combine our real estate experience with partner services when needed to achieve these goals.

Many of our clients challenges revolve around not knowing how well their properties are performing, and what other options are available that may substantially increase their income & returns. Traditionally investors are limited by the lack of geographic choices, information and investment types offered by a single broker. Not having a team to support you can be hard. Another challenge is inaccurate or missing information, and more importantly how that information effects your long term investment goals.

At SIFF, we provide our clients with the information necessary to make educated decisions about the direction of their properties. We want to help our clients achieve their income and retirement goals faster while avoiding costly mistakes. We are able to offer unbiased recommendations, resources and investment options simply because SIFF acts as a independent third party advisor, not the broker.

Our team ensures you receive the best service, pricing, and investment options for all of your real estate transactions whether you are purchasing, selling, exchanging or managing your properties.

All The Services You Need: Under One Roof

We Consult, Analyze, Coordinate and Oversee All Types of Real Estate Transactions

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We can help you understand how your property is performing, what your true return on investment (ROI) is, and whether you are on track in achieving your income and investment goals.

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What makes SIFF unique is that we are able to coordinate and oversee the entire acquisition or sales process to ensure you receive the best deal when buying or selling.

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A 1031 exchange can provide tremendous leverage and increased income all while having no tax burden when you sell or exchange your property. This is a great way to limit your tax liability.

Complimentary Consultation: You Need It, We Gladly Provide It.

Our #1 priority is you, the client. We believe in our services and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We truly care about your Real Estate and Investments as much as you do, which is why we offer a complimentary consultation. SIFF can help you whether you are looking for your first rental property or have an established portfolio.

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We would like to extend our thanks and gratitude for your assistance during the exchange process for the property involved with our family trust, The time and energy that you allocated for our process was appreciated. Your business model includes the network of people and companies that are able to assist with the real estate process, legal issues and property management decisions that could arise during the experience. The properties that our families have held over many years will still be able to grow over time and continue to be a legacy for future generations as a result of your good work.
Scott Fong is great at working with your realtor to make sure you get the full price for your home. If you want to make sure you get all the dollars invested in your home , you need Siff Investments to be your advocate.