In this clip from Freakonomics, authors Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner discuss how incentives influence behavior and ask the question: Does your real estate agent really have your best interest in mind?

There are many great Brokers and Realtors out there, but this video poses an interesting question. We simply suggest doing your homework and due diligence before selecting the right agent for your personal situation.

Most of us only sell a small number of properties in our lifetimes. With limited experience in real estate how is the average home owner supposed to maximize the profits from the sale of their property? Many sellers make the critical mistake of thinking all Realtors are the same. They list with the first agent who comes along. Does it make good business sense to put the responsibility of selling your biggest asset (your home) with someone who has no plan or qualifications?

The solution is to do a few hours of research before committing to any one Realtor, and to have a plan or checklist to evaluate their skills, experience and qualifications.

If you need help finding or choosing a great Realtor who has the experience and qualifications to ensure you receive the best price for you property we can help. SIFF offers a Realtor oversight and selection service to help pick and evaluate a Realtor who best fits your situation, and who has experience in your area.

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